Our partnership programm is aimed at those people who is eager to work and earn money on cooperation with us.We rate each partner higly and we offer mutually profitable partnership,which means that while working with our products you get maximum financial benefit and psychic income.


Wholesale clients

Advantages for working with us:

  • Wide assortment, diversity of forms and styles of production

We produce loungewear and menswear of different models: classical slips,low waistline slips, Activ-slips, boxers,boxer-briefs,boxer-shorts.We easily experimentarize with the construction of underwear in order to gain perfect fit and comfortable wear.

  • Original design and products of high quality that correspond to european standarts.

Apart from traditionally used materials(cotton,lycra,viscose), we use modern materials of high quality(Trevira®), and unique designer prints and printings are designed at proper design-studio.

  • Small party release of products and weekly refreshment of the assortment.

We quickly react on demand changes and consumer preferences which lets every consumer feel his significancy and exclusiveness.Quick fullfillment of order,flexible terms of business and individual approach to each client. We provide our partners with full information about current collection and those models that are going to be produced in future,also we defer to notes,suggestions and wishes of our clients in all the aspects of our production.

  • Comprehensive help in promotion of the product

MF develop and supply the clients with advertising products(catalogues,bouclets,press-articles etc),.and also with POS-materials and branded accessories for presenting the products on shopwindows .We have an opportunity to provide a universal ready-made solution to organize shopping capacity and supply our client with branded in-store equipment and also we are ready to develop reccomendations on merchendising and to plan how to place the product in a most efficient way.

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